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Uluborlu Vocational School, Suleyman Demirel University Senate 'resolution No. 4573 dated 02.02.1995 of the more reasonable results with the opening of the Higher Education of the General Assembly meeting held on 06.02.1995, amended by Law No. 2547 7/d-2. Pursuant to under Suleyman Demirel University, founded in 1995.

Suleyman Demirel University Senate 'of our schools' name has been changed by the decision No. 161 dated 30.01.2003.

Higher Education of the General Assembly deemed appropriate as a result of the meeting dated 09.05.2003 Uluborlu Vocational School 's name, philanthropist Uluborlu' lu businessman for his contributions to college, Mr. Ahmet Nedim KARASOY  "Uluborlu Selahattin Karasoy Vocational School" as amended.

Who is Selahattin Karasoy?

Mehmet Hulusi Karasoy (born 1925, died: 2002)  is the first olive-merchants of Uluborlu.  "Selahattin" was known by name. Adnan Mehmet and Ahmet Nedim Karasoy Karasoy There's two sons. Ahmet Nedim Karasoy, 20 classrooms and additional training in our schools 'block of memory of his father, who died in 2002, has been built and allocated to our schools'. Suleyman Demirel University, No. 161 dated 30.01.2003 with the decision of the Senate the name of our school, "Uluborlu Selahattin Karasoy Vocational School" General Board of Higher Education has proposed as a replacement. Observed and appropriate in meeting dated 05/09/2003 General Board of Higher Vocational School Uluborlu 's name, philanthropist Uluborlu the late businessman Ahmet Nedim KARASOY'un college contributions and memory of his father, "Uluborlu Selahattin Karasoy Vocational School" as amended.

Ahmet Nedim KARASOY on 26/05/2008, assistant Rector Prof. Mr. KIRDEMİR Vecihi by the name of the university, "Social Contribution Award" is given. Speaking at the award ceremony Karasoy "Uluborlu'nun as a child, our schools' and all desteklerimle Uluborlu'nun material and spiritual needs me to be ready always saying," How have shown once again that an Education volunteer and philanthropist.

Ahmet Nedim Karasoy, Uluborlu was born on March 24, 1956. Mr.Karasoy, after completing the first learning Uluborlu İsmetpaşa Akşehir Male Primary School and Middle School Teacher Training College graduated Uluborlu. Fender as a teacher in the village of the town of Kars was the first in December. Later, Ahmet Nedim Karasoy won Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences, Istanbul and experienced teacher with both a student's life. After graduating from the Faculty of Political Science teaching in the ongoing Ahmet Bey, this service has continued for 14 years. Trade in trade for his beloved Ahmet Nedim Karasoy thrown, his son's name is now "Hakan Mining" owner.