25 Mayıs 2020 Pazartesi


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Uluborlu remainder of the northern side of Isparta, Istanbul - Antalya highway transportation problems due to the proximity provided. Highway a distance of 20 miles around. Dinar north, east Senirkant, Keçiborlu west, south Atabey and is surrounded by the Gonen.

In addition, İzmir-Afyon highway that connects the main road north, east and west via the same route all incoming passengers to pass close to the district provides.

One alternative is to the railway. If you look closer Keçiborlu The station can be reached via transfer.

Length of the air field Uluborlu 35 km long. Suleyman Demirel, then making the landing plane to the airport by bus transportation provided.

Uluborlu, 68 km from the center of Isparta,irdir 98 miles, 53 km from Gönen, to Yalvaç  77 km, 26 km from Keçiborlu or there.